For me, first and foremost it has always been about ‘The work’.

Hi, I’m Anna Lovatt,

I am a multi-disciplined designer working across several areas of the entertainment industry. From Production Design and Art Direction to 3D Visualisation, I bring 30 years of experience working in international live events, film, television, and stage.

Starting my professional career at the age of 19 in special makeup effects for feature films at Pinewood studios (UK), I went on to freelance in Production Management, Art Direction, Digital Design, Set Design, Concept Development and Project Direction.

Commissioned regularly on an international level, in the last decade I have worked on over 800 bookings ranging from small to multi-million-pound budget worldwide projects. I am always dedicated to the work at hand and am extremely passionate about creating the best visual method and unique visual content.

I have lectured at university level and have written course material in set design and 3D visualisation for stage and television.

I have spent most of my career making other people look good. Rarely is the spotlight pointed at me, and regardless of how I try to avoid its glare, the fact is that I love creating ‘The work’.

"I believe if you truly are engaged with what you’re doing as a creative, you will be challenged and stretched. However, with that process you expand, you grow and you constantly sharpen your capacity to understand what each project requires for it to be fully realised."


Anna Lovatt

Director of Wildsville

Member of the Cinematographers union - Slightly Mad - Highly creative - Extremely nice.